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Bit-soul-kitchen aims to open and maintain a free dining room in the most severely punished areas of the Gaza Strip for the people who suffer from the harsh conditions imposed there. We believe that our work is not just to give food but to accompany these people, to make them feel that they are not alone, abandoned or forgotten. Thus we could exercise moral support that is so necessary, not less than food. We have decided to work with Bitcoin for coherence, transparency, and to evade the illegal economic blockade.

For those of us living outside that wall, our kitchen will help us turn our attention to that reality, at least once a month аnd hopefully also to open our hearts a bit more. This is one of the reasons why we prefer small monthly payments, than a large payout. The other reason why we encourage monthly payments is to get some continuity in the payments that each kitchen needs due to the nature of its work.

We have decided that transparency will be our hallmark and as you can see all transactions are shown live. The corresponding invoices will be attached to all costs incurred. Bit-soul-kitchen is using an  coinbase account and API that will be responsible for  keep live accounting at all times.

For those who don’t have bitcoin and want to participate in the kitchen, the easiest way to buy is through coinbase. After clicking on the donation button, choose to do so with a coinbase account. You will be redirected to open a coinbase account and there you can easily buy the bitcoins with your credit card.
We are going to start cooking as soon as we have enough funds to maintain the activity.